I started coughing before I climbed onto the upper deck of the 747 to ride turbulence home. (I says to my neighbour, I says “So I guess the secret to sleeping through turbulence is four glasses of shiraz, huh?”) For the first three days back in the northern hemisphere, I was too sick to do anything but sleep, finish Oryx & Crake, ignore snatchmail, and go out for a double espresso once a day.

Hence I’m behind in recounting the latter days of my trip. Based on experience, there’s a chance they will go unrecounted. However, some documentation is up.

Dry stuff first
Notes from my presentations
‘Damp’ stuff next
CART transcripts (to be corrected shortly) from my second session and the now-infamous Web Standards Smackdown. You think I swear a lot when I’m onstage? Wait till you see me when I’m sick
Other people’s photos

Interestingly, I face the typical dilemma of the standardista in dealing with a gallery of 250 of my own photos: Apart from installing PhotoStack, how does one upload and present them in a compliant manner?

Will pick away at racontage.

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