1. Heterosexualist Christian does BlogJamDC; BlogJam photos
  2. Last night a seatbelt saved my life
  3. Math fonts
  4. List of corporate graphic-design manuals
  5. Talking shoephone: “Ever wish you could have the screen-reading capability on your wireless phone that you have on your computer?”
  6. Scanner that can scan entire book pages full-bleed
  7. Why does Victoria “Vickie” Starr’s PR agency fail to mention she was an editrix during OutWeek’s dying gasps and is the authoress of an unauthorized biography of K.D. Lang (with, reportedly, no original quotations whatsoever)?
  8. Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia Reads Forty-three of the World’s Best Poems
  9. You can barrier-test a hybrid car just like any other (also a Smart)
  10. Amazingly-shitty Sithifrican site for positoids
  11. Toshiba DVD Player Class Action Full Notice
  12. Donate your old computers to the Third World, even Macs
  13. 404 in a Book?
  14. Tiny tablet Windows machine, reminiscent of Grid Convertible
  15. Hack a text-only browser you’ve never heard of
  16. Golden Gums: What’s with the scrollup captioning?
  17. Engadget audio show gets text descriptions right: Does this not indicate the pointlessness of any kind of “audioblogging”? You can’t scan it, it’s a real-time process, it’s a bandwidth hog, people are much better suited to writing than delivering monologues, and, for fuck sakes, you’re not gonna make it accessible. Give it up, willyez?
  18. in page title
  19. XHTML Semantic Validator: And I would use this for what, exactly?
  20. Avenir d’Internet Explorer
  21. Manga Marketing for Firefox. And Mozilla’s animévatar would be…?
  22. The Mac OS X Drawer: A Badly Designed User Interface Element
  23. Jeez, who the hell gives a shit about the best software essays of 2004? I wrote a computer book and even I think that’s boring as shite. Plus Spolsky… well, he thinks he knows more than he does
  25. Further typographic tattoo (op. cit.)
  26. Font Fetish (Flash, sound)
  27. Singe: The Defending Pokémon is now Burned”
  28. Programs that are spelled differently in Windows XP Service Pack 2
  29. OK, that tattoo says what? Again we see the pitfalls of blackletter for tattoos
  30. How Apex became world’s hottest name in electronics
  31. “Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe will compose the soundtrack to the film Battleship Potemkin.”
  32. Winstripe icons (also Back to Winstripe, Stoppage, innumerable others)
  33. “On the first-season Six Feet Under DVDs, the theme song on the French-language audio track is in a slightly different key/tuning than the English- and Spanish-language audio tracks.”
  34. Amerikanski Speldor comic-book font.
  35. Antediluvian HTMLisms.
  36. Worst-ever MP site?
  37. Abandonware
  38. Digital Broadcasting Australia – DBA Forums → Digital TV Programming → Captioning
  39. How natural selection works.
  40. Radically unusual Weblog format (violating all sorts of WCAG requirements, but nice to look at in Safari)
  41. Italian rap, which works quite well but tends to sound a bit bright and overzealous
  42. WordPerfect superior to Word: When will the world learn? “Living with Windows is still a purgatory of frustration and abuse, but such things are relative: compared to the alternative, i.e., compared to Word, I would recommend WordPerfect 11 for anyone who needs high-quality WYSIWYG word processing.”
  43. The Latvian Language Helper
  44. Digicambinocs
  45. Nokia cash boosts Mozilla
  46. Peck the Knife.” Never met him, know his roommate, fear he’ll hate my shit. However: op. cit.
  47. Save Our Sailors. That is, Fight for love and justice. Pretty soldier… Sailor Moon. I picked two Sailor Moon tapes out of a pile at the curb by somebody’s house on garbage day and watched them just to experience what was, at the time, the most expensive captioning imaginable applied to supremely trite overdubbed animé. Besides, didn’t Vince Corazza do some voice work for it?
  48. Helping Web designers understand accessibility even if they’re Malaysian
  49. Mother of God, Julian Cope, the colours!
  50. TypeWorks is a Web application that is developed by webstandard evangelists [sic] for webstandard users. It will have a level of customer support never seen before on any Web application, a service that equal first-class flights.” Oh?
  51. Validified Fark.
  52. “You’re from California? Why here?”
  53. Mac OS 8 and 9: Compatibility with Macintosh computers. I distinctly remember the names I gave to individual floppy discs on my Mac 128 (Skylab, Toss Across).
  54. “My evil text laughter means I’m obese and I like industrial music.” I also am apt to overuse such turns of phrase as “I for one welcome our giant-eared overlords.”
  55. Safari for Windows (Cf. making Windows look like X)
  56. The ultimate Weblogging system should also handle those who somehow believe their frequently-updated BigMuscle(Bears) sites are not Weblogs
  57. Oh, and speaking of: The men of Oz
  58. Kooky Tewky making tons of sense about the Gay Games, an event that makes less and less. Take it from an expert.
  59. anticAPSLOCK.com
  60. “If you’re putting a page on a server and claiming that it’s HTML, but it doesn’t validate, you’re a liar. I can’t put it any more plainly.”
  61. Civic Type R, made in U.K., in Japanese. If I am to believe the Toronto Star, we won’t be getting these anymore next year.
  62. “How about the insides of buildings?” (scroll halfway down). Certainly the science-fiction photo of last summer, and shockingly real.
  63. Lessons in gentrification, about which we know naught here in South Riverdale. Check his blogroll.
  64. RuggerBugger
  65. Vertigo Then and Now
  66. X v. XP: Fonts, with links to obscure legit free packages
  67. Earplugs with 34 dB reduction
  68. Clutter is a small Mac OS X application that lets you put music CDs on your desktop. You can drag them anywhere – they’re really windows”
  69. Debunking the letter-transposition meme (a word, by the way, that is not pronounced «même»); also jumbler
  70. Nice Titles, the Safariesque tooltip script
  71. Choosing Paint Colours
  72. Another astonishing painted DeLorean (gallery)
  73. Natural air conditioning, as allegedly used by the Romans
  74. “Martha, Martha, Martha! Housewife or Homophobe?”
  75. Apostrophe rule’s in different language’s
  76. $110 for a mouse? Well, I want one
  77. ASCII art
  78. Dasher is an information-efficient text-entry interface, driven by natural continuous pointing gestures. Dasher is a competitive text-entry system wherever a full-size keyboard cannot be used”
  79. Fifteen.be redesign contests: From Belgium, but not skinheaded, unrelated to industrial music, and not boring
  80. Hering’s opponent colors diagram
  81. Shit-fucked-up non–IC-Style site that validates
  82. Hack your DOCTYPE to permit target

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