– Mark E. Smith

Don’t hit this link before reading the warning that follows: Cone of gayness (sic).

The text reads:

I am NOT gay. This is just the result of some online bantering between a friend and I [sic]. Oh[,] and in case it is not clear, I am NOT gay. (And neither is my friend.)

Also, no offense intended to homosexuals, I hope. It’s just a joke.

My friend actually drew this out for me when I asked him for clarification on what a “20 metre melee area” was.

There follows a broken image link to a “cone of gayness.”

So let’s recap:

  1. A blogger spends two boldfaced paragraphs explaining that he and his friend aren’t gay, and apologizing in advance if any gays should take “offense.”
  2. Then they attempt to run a high-larious illustration of a Dungeons & Dragons–style “cone of gayness.”
  3. That image doesn’t even load.

Wouldn’t we conclude that the author and his friend are sophomoric closet cases? Sure, we would. All the classical evidence is there.

But it gets better!

You can’t even view the page without being asked over and over again to log into the guy’s router (screenshot; unchanged in multiple browsers).

You know how I believe in longevity of electronic documents and in retaining online postings indefinitely unless some unimpeachable reason arises to remove them? Well, we are replete with unimpeachable reasons here, beginning with ill-advisedness, alighting briefly on the lily pad of technical incompetence, and coming to ultimate rest on the mantle of flat-out embarrassment.

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