…like David Haskell: “I think the best superficial thing I’ve got going for me is my youth. I think it’s like: Look, he’s nice, this is cool, and he’s only 25. But that’s fleeting, and if you don’t become impressive in your own right soon, then it’s over.”

Screenshot of introductory copy and photo of David Haskell, with tousled brown hair and a white striped shirt

(By the way, Haskell’s magazine Topic runs banner ads for Gawker. Logrolling in our time?)

Porn, then escorting

…like Dick Wolf (no relation), who retires from porn after putting on a little weight and posting a BigMuscleBlog: “My preferences are for beefy, hairy, handsome guys with facial hair and big dicks. You don’t have to be all of those things, but that’s what I like…. I’m still only 25 and I got a whole lot of lovin’ to do in my time before I settle down.”

Screenshot shows tanned, shirtless man with close-cropped hair and various information fields, including the username ‘johnny freedom’

Pour les intéressé(e)s, I’ve got a sample of the pornographic artistry of Dick Wolf if you want to look at it. Self-evidently not safe for work or for the majority of heterosexualist men. (Lesbians I can’t say I care about here.) Don’t hit the link unless you know what you’re doing.

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None. I quit.

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