Because browsers invariably crash, I occasionally Bookmark This Group of Tabs in Mozilla (can your browser do that? do you even have tabs?) and save the state of my workspace. Needless to say, Moz should do that for me (and Opera 8 apparently can and will – moreover, it’ll record every tab you close in case you make a mistake).

I reviewed these saved states over New Year’s and present a poorly-classified dump of links.

  1. Choosing Paint Colors
  2. Threadless T-Shirts
  3. Web Design Practices
  4. Razerzone: Razer Diamondback
  5. Cocoatech: Revision History
  6. HP SpeechBot
  7. Upgrading Creative Commons Licenses
  8. The Man in Blue: Mapping DTDs: Making validation usable
  9. Pollenation Blog
  10. Lord Pixel’s Unicode Font Info
  11. Glacial Erratics: My Plans for Purple Numbers
  12. Sylvester: Living Proof
  13. Peter Korn’s Weblog
  14. AbleTV.net – CSUN 2004 Keynote – Transcript
  15. Flexible news list
  16. ASCIIBABES.com
  17. uControl
  18. Rambling On: Color, more Color
  19. Netscape Named Colors
  20. PlusDeck 2 (digitize your cassettes)
  21. Dish DVR-921 Review
  22. Entry-Level Unicode for XML
  23. Apple iTunes 2.0.4 (for your old OS 9 machines)
  24. Who Was That Food Stylist? Film Credits Roll On
  25. Google Search: "pretty big dig" Troake
  26. Speech accent archive
  27. Simeone & Miller – Movie Theater Settlement
  28. liveSTORYBOARD [sic] CMS generates valid code
  29. BurnX
  30. More Bag Snagger Photos
  31. Unicode Keyboards for Mac OS
  32. DNS Stuff (do whois searches in many unusual ways)
  33. Craig Newmark conversation
  34. VeganChallenge.Org: Vegan Community, Recipes, Restaurants, Products and Literature
  35. Geist: Columnists
  36. Drew Curtis’ FARK.com rewritten in valid code
  37. Blogs by Their Covers
  38. pnhtoolbar
  39. Opera7Wiki:WebDevToolbar
  40. Icelandic National Team design agency
  41. Recruiting and Working With Older Participants
  42. Piepmatzel.de | collecting best practice web standards design examples
  43. TypeWorks
  44. Wired News: Changing the Face of Web Surfing
  45. Headshift: smarter, simpler, social
  46. BMW Education Programme website meets highest new internet access standards
  47. The Great Custom 404 Page Adventure
  48. Jobriath: the Mojo article
  49. MozInfo701
  50. Leet
  51. ASCII art
  52. When Christmas came early
  53. Firefox extension Google preview plugin thumbnails
  54. The Big Apple” origin
  55. IBM WAT
  56. PC-Multilingual-850+euro
  57. The Daily Flight: Body Blow
  58. ChicagoL.org: Platform Signage
  59. htAccess Generater Demo
  60. James Boyle: The Apple of forbidden knowledge
  61. Lobster tale lands writer in hot water
  62. Photoshop what the classic Nintendo games would have been like had they been owned by Microsoft originally
  63. Mount Saint Vincent University Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection
  64. SMIL Europe 2003
  65. Apple.com throughout the ages
  66. IE look and feel for Firefox
  67. HTMLoverlays
  68. Yet another reason I will never give my money to Future Shop
  69. Christine Jorgensen
  70. Jobriath
  71. graffiti_4 on Flickr
  72. Phono Phunk
  73. The Dutch “letter” IJ
  74. Switcher
  75. HistoryHound searches your browser history
  76. MyTunes returns for iTunes song sharing
  77. Warpspire: The finer points of design
  78. Flickr: Photos from adamgreenfield
  79. Cocoatech: Path Finder 3.2.2 now available!
  80. Zooiblog
  81. larsholst.info
  82. Universal Design Principles At Work!
  83. Hicksdesign theme for Omniweb 5
  84. HTML 4.01 in Netscape and Explorer – WebReference.com
  85. Norwegian Helvetica makes me unreasonably happy
  86. Gay Porn Blog pour les intéressé(e)s
  87. Mapping Between WCAG 1.0 and the WCAG 2.0 Working Draft
  88. Visual vs Structural
  89. Canadian fails drug test
  90. Connor vows return in ’05
  91. New Jersey movie captioning
  92. Using Opera to read text/plain
  93. Unicode: Look up Unicode characters here (worth a B-links in itself, that topic)
  94. Eudora Scripts etc.
  95. So hard to beat” (John Peel)
  96. John Peel homepage
  97. Male Nudes by Dylan Ricci (2, 3)
  98. Geekend 2
  99. George Chavchanidze’s Homepage
  100. Quark vs. InDesign
  101. Multilingual Weblog glossary
  102. Blue Rose Videos With a Voice (audio-described videos)
  103. Mac.Ars(.technica)
  104. FindForward: "closed captioning"
  105. Phillip Toledano Photography (2)
  106. World Wide Phone Guide
  107. World Power Differences Can Limit International Product Use
  108. InDesign CS Bible Made In Quark (Cf. David Carson)
  109. Shirtless AFL (that would be Australian footballers, like Voss)
  110. All Washed Up: A Gay Powerlifter’s Story
  111. Vegetarian Phrases In Other Languages
  112. Why Adopt W3C Web Standards?
  113. Charl van Niekerk’s Weblog: Validation Important?
  114. Telnet to POP Servers@Everything2.com
  115. Morrissey vs. Clay Aiken: Who’s Rock’s Greatest Celibate?
  116. SuperDuper
  117. iDisk Public Folder
  118. Vara Software: Videocue
  119. Dantz: Updates
  120. Guidelines and standards manuals
  121. PopChar
  122. WindowShade X
  123. Expanded multi-user controls, QuickTime sharing spotted in new Tiger builds
  124. Gay Men and Lesbians in the U.S. Military
  125. Changing Quotes=Lying
  126. Gorilla Film Production Software
  127. Mozilla Links Newsletter – Issue 23
  128. Mozilla’s Section 508 Compliance
  129. Mozilla Amazon Browser
  130. mozbraille: index
  131. Mozilla + Window-Eyes Compatibility Page
  132. Web-standards-compliant Javascript Flash detect and embed
  133. Star Wars: The Changes
  134. Liquid Elastic Layouts
  135. XHTML vs. HTML Redux
  136. Turn off Microsoft Office Spying on OS X
  137. Powerful Editor for Localisers and Translators – An Xliff Editor with AppleGlot WorkGlossary Support
  138. Kurzweil Educational Systems Press Release (Mac compatibility)
  139. Legal Developments: Upsetting the Apple cart
  140. Collapse-to-Zoom: Viewing Web Pages on Small Screen Devices by Interactively Removing Irrelevant Content
  141. Rixstep
  142. A Detour Before Dying
  143. Rewriting the Web Design Site with Web Standards
  144. Flickr Mobile
  145. The Right Trigger Words
  146. mozilla.org Markup Reference
  147. QuirksBlog: The state of QuirksMode.org
  148. New Ezra | Rebuilding Design
  149. bOing bOing’s Descent Into Uselessness
  150. BloggForum Stockholm 2004
  151. The Everywhere Displays Project
  152. The Aural Text Class
  153. Regret the Error (tracks corrections and errors in newspapers)
  154. Discourse – The Forum For Gay Athletes
  155. RFC 1855 (rfc1855) – Netiquette Guidelines
  156. Audion 3
  157. Extension patches of w3m
  158. A Great Headline Goes Here
  159. Cambridge Dictionaries Online
  160. :target and conditional text display
  161. The Perfect Summer Party
  162. Audio-described films on DVD
  163. Beachbog’s Audio Description Diary
  164. Australian Swimming | Swimmer Profile
  165. Foxtel
  166. Browser experiments
  167. Octiv – Hear the Difference – iTunes
  168. ktunes downloads
  169. Restaurant Industry Workers’ Stories
  170. The Function of Language to Facilitate and Maintain Social Networks in Research Weblogs
  171. Temporal Information in Collateral Texts for Indexing Movies
  172. The Effect of Text in Storyboards for Video Navigation
  173. Might manboobs ever become bodacious pecs?
  174. Something OS X–native for recording live spoken word as an .mp3
  175. Looking for a reliable power converter for international travel
  176. International voltage adapters
  177. When you think “middle class,” what does that mean to you?
  178. Looking for recommendations for non-lame Celtic music. Well, Manau, obviously!
  179. Former gay sex film star commits suicide
  180. Perils of winter cycling
  181. Advies Overheid.nl (also by Cinnamon or at least Thivessen)
  182. Some relief for Ryanair, some clarity for disabled rights
  183. Please Wait… buttons
  184. A Detour Before Dying
  185. The Pronunciation of Chaucer’s Middle English
  186. Mighty Mouse allows you to customize your cursors with style
  187. Study finds 65,000 gay men, women in the military
  188. Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of webpages
  189. On A Long Piece Of String – Home
  190. Nick D. and Garry Lee Show audio archives
  191. Team Canada – Earle Conner
  192. They’re Different From Us (British journos)
  193. Kalitée.org (standards-compliant development)
  194. Ask the Pilot
  195. The VMAs, AKA the other blind black guy
  196. Seriocomic (photoblog)
  197. Using mathematical and statistical processes to write pop songs
  198. Delta Tango Bravo (Silverorange Toronto Weblog)
  199. Bad Spellers
  200. Constrained writing
  201. Not Fooling Anybody: A chronicle of bad conversions and storefronts past
  202. Sigma Research Reports (invert demographics)
  203. Justwatchthesky (Weblog)
  204. Create a Listmania List


  1. Colby” (photo) or “Brian”?
  2. : Wraparound tattoo (profile)


  1. Serif or Sans serif for body copy in online media?
  2. Magtypo.CZ
  3. Pseudo-Graphic Typeface: Design and Evaluation
  4. Vertikale Anpassung des Anti-Aliasing
  5. The quality of Linotype Palatino
  6. Gaultney Research: “Balancing typeface legibility and economy: Practical techniques for the type designer”; “Multitudinous Alphabets: The design of extended latin typefaces”; “The influence of pen-based letterforms on Devanagari typefaces”; most importantly, “Problems of diacritic design for Latin-script text faces”
  7. A Berg type film
  8. Lego, the Type Designer’s Friend
  9. Choosing the Right Typeface
  10. Type for TV
  11. Cachet font family
  12. Zemestro Volume Font
  13. ClearviewOne Complete Family


  1. Undo Default HTML Styles
  2. You want Styles with That?
  3. :link, :visited, :active, :hover
  4. CSS 1.2 alphabetical index
  5. Pure CSS Scrollable Table with Fixed Header
  6. CSS: border-color: transparent
  7. We’re All in This (CSS) Boat Together
  8. CSS Editor Preview Page
  9. Relatively Absolute: Cross-Browser CSS Tabs With Rollover
  10. Stu Nicholls | Cutting Edge CSS | What’s on TV
  11. CSS-only Filters Summary
  12. Hover Behavior for IE5+
  13. CSS Fisheye
  14. Online CSS Optimiser/Optimizer
  15. CSS Centering 101
  16. CSS Design: Taming Lists: A List Apart
  17. CSS Comment Bugs


  1. Access points for shopping on the web: Tesco gets a four-star rating in the supermarket league
  2. Jaws Screenreader Adaptation for Mozilla Firefox
  3. Three Things I Learned About Screen Reader Users
  4. HCI research & interactive television: A beautiful friendship?
  5. PDF documents: Rreadable for all (translated version of /pdf_barrierefrei/)
  6. Manchester United: top of the web accessibility league?
  7. Standards et accessibilité – Librairie Éyrolles
  8. Accessibility tests
  9. Accessible Information Solutions – Web Accessibility Toolbar
  10. Mobile accessibility product
  11. WAT makes websites accessible
  12. Universal Access: Computers That Everyone Can Use
  13. Safari, accessibility, and planning for the future
  14. TechDis Accessibility & Usability Resource
  15. aDesigner for accessibility simulation
  16. Service Pack 2 Accessibility pop-up problem
  17. Accessibility Features in Mozilla
  18. Accessibility: dot-dot-com.com
  19. Accessible iTV
  20. PLCs hit back at complaints on web accessibility
  21. Seven precepts of Usability and Accessibility

Odeon cinema Web-site accessibility

  1. Message to Odeon – fire your marketing director
  2. Accessible Odeon
  3. Inaccessible, trademark infringing and on the Web (Odeon)
  4. Spend money on accessibility, not lawyers (Odeon)
  5. The battle to make Odeon.co.uk accessible gets serious
  6. Odeon rolls credits on copycat website | The Register
  7. My polite letter to the Odeon’s marketing director
  8. The Digerati Peninsula: The Odeon Web Site
  9. Accessible Od*on (Odeon)
  10. Inaccessible Odeon (Phil Gyford: Writing)
  11. Odious Cinemas get it (sort of) (Odeon)
  12. Some marketing departments prefer inaccessibility to uncontrolled experience (Odeon)

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