Quill & Quire, July 2004, p. 14:

Toronto pop-culture writers Adam Sternbergh and Tara Ariano have struck a deal with Quirk Books in the U.S. to publish a series of titles based on content from their Fametracker.com Web site. The inautural release, set for fall 2005, will be Hey, It’s That Guy!, a handy guide to all those faces in movies you recognize but can’t put a name to.


A real-life book publisher has contracted us to write a real-life book, tentatively titled Hey! It’s That Guy!: A Field Guide to Character Actors. It will profile 150 of your favourite character actors, from the all-time greats to the up-and-comers. And it will be published by the fine people at Quirk Books, who previously brought you The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide and The Brick Testament, so we’ll be in fine company. The book will be in stores in fall 2005, so start making room on your bookshelves.

I trust this book will be of entirely original “content” written solely by Sternbergh and Ariano, and not the reused, repurposed, or simply copied and stolen work of other Fametracker contributors whose permission was not sought and compensated?

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