1. Special LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for Bowman’s befuddled indirect compliments on my artistique ability. God knows I give him enough
  2. Bowman in Hong Kong (deuxième)
  3. Bowman typesnaps (deuxième; troisième; quatrième; cinquième)
  4. Bowman: Bungee[-]Slayer
  5. New Punk Cinema
  6. Coppervale Weather (via)
  7. Das Jackboot: German Heavy Metal Conquers Europe”: “I would have told him, but when I ran into him several minutes later, in the corridor backstage, he scowled. ‘I don’t speak,’ he said, ‘nein,’ and stomped off. This colossal former swimming champion looked bloated and unwell. He had deep circles under his eyes. His dark stage-makeup was smeared”
  8. Access 2 Entertainment Card: “[We] have developed a program that will provide discounted admission to the support person accompanying a person with a disability to member movie theatres across Canada”
  9. AccessWorld
  10. BookCourier, accessible MP3 player: “Designed for the visually-impaired or those with disabilities that make reading difficult, BookCourier is a portable, convenient, and economical tool for listening to electronic text, digital files, and music”
  11. AntiWordService is a free filter service that enables any Cocoa application able to read plain text to open Microsoft Word documents”
  12. Rid yourself of Comic Sans via CSS: “Paste this simple line of code into your global CSS file – font[face*="comic sans"] {font-family: Verdana;}[… r]estart your browser, and enjoy a new World Wide Web, free of Comic Sans”
  13. ECMAScript Language Specification (that is, the spec for the only official formulation of JavaScript)
  14. Montage-à-Google
  15. Gay Gayer Gayest (fils de): “I did cocaine in a South Beach disco with Grace Jones while a drunken drag queen wrote LOVE ME on my back in lipstick.” Me? Gliding up the staircase in Grade 3, either hand outstretched ahead and behind me, muttering “I’m soooo elegant.” Mrs. Layden (ALARMED): “Joey! You are not a girl!” You got that right
  16. “So yeah. Candid. That’s a ‘candid’ photograph
  17. Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator
  18. Paul Ford writes book
  19. Singapore leads the world in inaccessibility and chromostereopsis
  20. Speaking of chromostereopsis
  21. Hockey player and convicted murder conspirator threatens defamation action over speculation he’s queer
  22. Notes on “Susan”
  23. Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  24. Л. Н. Толстой, Война и мир
  25. Google encyclopedia (but not Google Encyclopedia)
  26. Mailing a camera
  27. PostalCodeDownload.com
  28. “In the book The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, is there a rose in the book?”
  29. Jews in New Zealand
  30. “Finally, we recalled that the time-honored way to control a mouse problem is… get a cat!”
  31. BitTorrent Operator Bites Back at MPAA: “ ‘Personally, it’s ludicrous to be suing a tracker for copyright infringement that hosts no copyright material…. It’s tantamount to suing the highway department for having roads that drug smugglers use’ ”
  32. Acrobat 7 accessibility
  33. Forgotten Element Types
  34. Do-It-Yourself Smart Radio Station
  35. How to cope with incorrect HTML
  36. .scc Tools Download (i.e., tools for the .scc caption format)
  37. “What do you think of a film made from a blind man’s perspective? By that I mean a completely black screen all the way through the film”
  38. Technology for inclusion: Policies and legislations in favour of E-accessibility in Europe (best head to the airport now!)
  39. U.K. Resources for Web Accessibility and the Law
  40. CSS itself is badly designed, not just at the detail level, but in its overall concept”
  41. 867-5309 (867-5309)”: Possibly the best Web page in the history of humankind. I double-checked a few of his ringers myself
  42. Following is a response to VH-1’s Information Society episode of their show Band Reunion (or whatever)”
  43. Avowed-homosexualist disabled equestrian (Cf. avowed-homosexualist powerlifter)
  44. Jeopardy category: Blogs
  45. Turn off fractional widths in Photoshop
  46. Complex Table Inspector
  47. Beware of Opening Links in a New Window
  48. Quiet PC. (I hate the word “PC”)
  49. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary with lookup
  50. What’s a Matthew Carter broadside?
  51. How can an HIV+ gay Englishman have such opinions on how America uses force?”
  52. PDFpen
  53. Old black movies
  54. 69,000 validation errors, beating out even Chapters
  55. Game character operated, puppeteer-style, by crips
  56. Wes Anderson and the Problem with Hipsters
  57. Nina, Verdana and Tahoma compared
  58. Banner Blindness
  59. E-mail access from the perspective of an individual with visual impairment
  60. Suggested CSS Font Styles: Old English, Latin Long Marks, Cyrillic, Polytonic Greek (Unicode)
  61. W3C Glossary and Dictionary (almost completely unknown; also UAAG glossary)
  62. Amaya UAAG evaluation
  63. iTunes Cheat Sheet
  64. A squarepusher is a masher, a gigolo
  65. em-to-blockquote script (Cf. flowed text to blockquote)
  66. How do people inherit colo[u]rblindness?
  67. Mac SE3000
  68. Friendster Usability Analysis. Whatster usability analysis?
  69. Can you guess what happened here?
  70. Web Accessibility for the Apathetic
  71. Structural HTML
  72. CSS Box Model Demo
  73. Hebrew Letters in Decimal Unicode Values (Unicode)
  74. An Accessible Method of Hiding HTML Content
  75. Simple Character Entity Reference (Unicode)
  76. Ilana Schwartz does Web standards
  77. Lower Element, the Weblog that makes text-shadow and crazy background images work
  78. ESPN Lité
  79. Markup Missive (b and i)
  80. rel="tag"
  81. Saab 9-2X (previously)
  82. Microsoft’s Gates Wants Meeting with Brazil’s Lula
  83. Extreme Ironing best-ever shot
  84. DNSstuff.com lets you look up domains in many ways
  85. British traffic warning signs
  86. Markup-significant entities: test page: Test various dash and space characters (Unicode)
  87. CAPTCHA plug-ins
  88. Goodbye, CAPTCHAs. Hello, Distributed Porn-Powered Processing
  89. Proposal for an Accessible CAPTCHA
  90. Jared Paul Stern, Gossipmonger
  91. Teleport is a simple prefpane utility to let you use one single mouse and keyboard to control several of your Macs. Simply reach the edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your other Mac”
  92. Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware”


  1. Écossais
  2. Intact Floridian redhead
  3. RuffMIKE: “I like sweet, edgy guys who aren’t afraid to be pushy in bed…. I like guys who can cry, just because it feels good sometimes. I like guys who can be a big or little brother, be a father once in a while, and be your best friend, even though they love you and want to possess you… GUYS THAT KNOW FRIENDSHIP ALWAYS COMES FIRST
  4. 95th-percentile specimen Tony is to decamp for Victoria, where he will become the fifth black man in the province. As such, he will attract attention, particularly if viewed in nude profile. We have something of a history; among other things, he’s the only man ever to hit me. (Will he bring hubby along with him, or wasn’t hubby hung enough?) Listen, if gattorosso skips town next, that’ll leave me with nobody to look at and render uncomfortable at the Steamworks


  1. Unimaginably daring and original tattoos: Scouts, fauna
  2. Has XXX-treme Porn Gone Mainstream?
  3. Fetish and Annex sites for a certain component of the male anatomy
  4. eBulges
  5. Backlash Leather

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