– Mark E. Smith

Let me get some photos online while I’m procrastinating the writing of my exegesis of my days of wine and W3C.

Man in blue sweater sits at table with laptop computer and pats tawny Labrador retriever
John Slatin (pronounced “Slaytin,” by the way) with his guide dog Dillon
Woman in cap looks to the side as young man with beard and long hair peruses a menu
Wendy Chisholm; “Young” Tom Croucher, whose shoephone I spent quite a lot of time hacking with
Red-haired man looks up from PowerBook
MC May Techno Dance Remix (op. cit.)
Shaven-headed man holds a gloved hand in front of his face in one photo and turns away from the camera in another
Les deux visages de Dean Jackson
Dark-haired man grins and sits with arms crossed
One’s old rotter Michael Grossman of the Caption Center
Long-haired young man sits on bright-red chair
One’s not-quite-as-old rotter Josh Kastorf, late of DVS
Man smiles at camera as he sits with PowerBook
Ethan Marcotte in his natural habitat (also mine for four days)
Distinguished gentleman with grey hair in a ponytail sits in a book-lined room
Eminent type designer Matthew Carter. Now, why was I visiting him?

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