You may have missed the minor news that I am now an Invited Expert™ with the W3C® WAI™ Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group℠. In an Orwellian twist, one must apply to be invited.

En tout cas, I’ve been posting to WAI mailing lists for years, and still do. This week I came up with a few test files.

  1. HTML and PDF type sample of Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek glyphs that has no language, hence can have no language code, hence logically flunks WCAG
  2. A contentless document (first mention) that the validator falsely passes, to show that nobody in their right mind would produce such a thing with a serious intent. (In other words, there is no reason to differentiate “information” from “structure” in WCAG; we use HTML to structure information)

The foregoing posting appeared on Joe Clark’s personal Weblog on 2005.04.19 19:09. This presentation was designed for printing and omits components that make sense only onscreen. (If you are seeing this on a screen, then the page stylesheet was not loaded or not loaded properly.) The permanent link is:

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