Brian Bouldrey, Monster: Gay Adventures in American Machismo (q.v.), pp. 59, 72, 189:

  • Being a sissy, like being a boxer, takes sheer chutzpah. Don’t mess with a seasoned queen…. An adult sissy is one who survived years of torture (invisible pain) and is still alive. An adult sissy has learned he can’t afford to lose.

  • [A] flaming tire detached itself from a passing car and leaped the fence, landing not six feet in front of us…. The molten tire was immediately surrounded by six or seven scruffy white children…. One of the children’s parents screamed from behind our seats (and I am not lying or exaggerating…): “Git aways from that tahr, Skeeter.”

    All the children backed up. Perhaps they were all named Skeeter.

  • My late friend Will shared my love for the disproportionate. We were size queens together, but not of the usual sort. What thrilled us were big noses, jug ears – like a Mercedes with its doors wide open.

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