– Mark E. Smith

I know my friends at Microsoft Typography (note the majuscule) are trying to make things better, but do they not run smack dab against the basic cluelessness and epic bad taste that is endemic to Windows users?

Here’s a tiny corner of a screenshot of a Windows Longhorn build:

Part of desktop wallpaper reads: Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Evaluation copy. Build 5048

If you’ll excuse my French and my tmesis for a moment, what the fuck is this, MS-fucking-DOS? If you have to signify that “Microsoft” and “Windows” are registered trademarks, the one and only symbol you may use is ®. Oh, but Microsoft® Windows® makes those almost impossible to type, doesn’t it?

Since U.S. courts have held that the copyright symbol is a circle in a C and not, say, a circle in an octagon, I expect they would also hold that a registered-trademark symbol is an R in a circle and not a space, a parenthesis, an R, and another parenthesis.

“From the people who brought you Arial,” etc.

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