Jungle’s Dark But Full of Diamonds”:

Da Vinci
– It sounds like a constable with an axe to grind or something.
Bob Kelly
– Constable Klochko. I just got off the phone with him, actually.
– Oh, you did? How’s he doing?
– Well, he insists that you were sarcastic, dismissive, and conducted yourself in a nonprofessional manner.
– OK. OK. You know what he thinks. Now you want to know what I think?
– No, because, Dominic, frankly, I am tired of hearing these adjectives used in reference to you.
– OK. Well, this guy’s got a personality problem or something, or he’s got a problem with me. It doesn’t matter. […]
– Fine, then. Can I suggest that you resolve this with Constable Klochko directly?
– Oh, that’s a brilliant idea.
– Thank you.
– You’re welcome.
Resolve it, Dominic. Don’t bring along your usual can of gasoline.

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