Yes, if I had a sidebar I could just add these as I go along. I don’t, so I don’t, meaning they pile up to unmanageable levels.


  1. Signage slideshow on Flickr
  2. Observatory on Flickr
  3. Palace the of discovery? on Flickr
  4. Helvetica sticker
  5. FontEditor
  6. Toronto Subway font family
  7. X Windows fonts for MS Windows by Lars C. Hassing
  8. Hixie: /resources/fonts
  9. SparkyType Font – Farmer
  10. Handwriting Fonts With Something to Say
  11. BLACKLETTER: B. Adam (Howell); Rob Weychert; Bridging the Gap Between Hip-Hop, Sports and Youth Culture

Accessibility and Web standards

  1. Invisible Information – joeblade
  2. PDF-Accessible
  3. Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
  4. Dimitri Glazkov
  5. Skills for Access – The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Accessible Multimedia
  6. IndependentTesters.org “is a service providing Web site developers the ability to have their Web site user tested by independent people”
  7. Mobilize for DAISY on the Mac
  8. “Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman, and representatives from libraries for the blind and print disabled around the world initiate planning to establish universal information accessibility through a global digital library”; Gates Stresses Value of Digital Technology in Making Information More Accessible to People with Vision or Print Disabilities
  9. XML.com: The Silent Soundtrack
  10. Deaf in the city
  11. defbefgoesdeaf
  12. Deaf Education.org <::> Stories From The Pit <::> Welcome
  13. New Deafok.com
  14. National Black Deaf Advocates
  15. Study of Deaf-Blind Demographics
  16. I’d like to use CSS+XML to render PDF on a server for free
  17. iText, a Free Java-PDF Library
  18. PDFCreator
  19. Convert from PDF: How to Convert from PDF to XML & MS Word: PDF White Paper (Part 2)
  20. Making PDFs: A Modern Primer
  21. Advancing the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities 2004
  22. People with disabilities: Publications
  23. Disability in Canada
  24. Disability-Related Policy in Canada
  25. CLC-4-TTS
  26. FoxyVoice – a text-to-speech extension for Firefox
  27. Home Page Reader 3.04 for developers
  28. IE-and-italics problem
  29. Guild of Accessible Web Designers – Print Resources
  30. Browsealoud: Speech-enabled Web sites
  31. Stop the Crops: An ugly site with valid code
  32. Help me help Google help us
  33. Descriptive Video Helps the Blind Enjoy Films
  34. [D]eveloping a symbol to represent universally designed places, spaces, products, and systems,” which seems like rather a lost cause
  35. ViewPlus sees big potential in adding ink to embosser that prints for the blind
  36. Cantor Access Inc. – What’s new?
  37. Low Vision, Speech and Braille Solutions – Optelec Press Releases
  38. webwithout-ie list
  39. Talking Map Directions Via Emacspeak and Google Maps
  40. About Microsoft: Your Potential. Our Passion uses reasonably accessible Flash
  41. Blind Rage Over Web Pages
  42. WYSIWYG Editor Accessibility Test Results: Allowing writers to contribute to the creation of accessible documents
  43. Accessible Folksonomies
  44. LightKitchen: Deaf cinema
  45. Common Coding Problems with HTML and CSS
  46. Integrated Web Design: The Meaning of Semantics (Take I)
  47. Rent-A-Monkey – Maximum impact standards compliant websites
  48. Tremor-stopping mouse
  49. Council on Access to Information for Print-Disabled Canadians (CAIPDC)
  50. Scott Guthrie on Web Standards
  51. Google Searching alt text
  52. This Is Broken – Braille room number
  53. The best of the colourblind web – MetaFilter
  54. Is Blogging Accessible to People with Vision Loss? – American Foundation for the Blind
  55. Sazziest dot com: The Website of a True Soul Sizta
  56. AGRIP Wiki for accessible games
  57. GutenMark, a Project Gutenberg markup program
  58. It’s like closed captioning in reverse! except of course that it entirely is not
  59. Web Standards, Cape Town, South Africa – András Lengyel
  60. VoiceOver – Day 1
  61. Flash using valid object
  62. I was a captioner for E
  63. All About Access – Blog Archive – What’s New in JAWS 6.1: Unicode Support

Unicode tools

I have a whole list of these, too.

  1. Brett’s Absolutely Astounding Interactive Searchable Unicode Chart
  2. Unicode Characters as HTML Entities
  3. Unicode Chart
  4. Entity test page
  5. Browser Tests of Entities in 2004


  1. Observe But Do Not Interfere: The world’s one and only blog reserved for the legendary Deaf Gay Militant
  2. Quickies: Gus Mattox – Fleshbot
  3. ‘Gay’ a Naughty Word for NFL Shop — Outsports.com
  4. From Homogenous to Honey
  5. Gay war film stirs Bosnian anger
  6. Documentary tells story of gay boxer Emile Griffith
  7. Tour of duty: As an openly gay marine, Jeff Key fought in Iraq only to be kicked out due to his sexuality. He says coming out is the best decision he ever made
  8. Joel Derfner, author, Gay Haiku
  9. Gay sports saluted


  1. English sentences without overt grammatical subjects: You will scream
  2. Consensus Pick
  3. Delicious Library: Indeed, Mac software has beautiful disc images
  4. Browsing Pantone
  5. Kurt Andersen – magazines
  6. Slashdot – CBC Opens ZeD.cbc.ca Code
  7. Adesso tiny wireless keyboards; Happy Hacking Keyboard
  8. Keyboard Layouts
  9. FAQ – Web Developer Extension Documentation
  10. (Even some white towels have a finish that should not be bleached.)

    Does this bother anyone else? It’s a towel, not an end table

  11. Jason Kottke as Klaus Nomi
  12. Douglas Coupland, homosexualist
  13. [from] me [pause] than [think like] me
  14. Anti-design remarks in my own house
  15. Behind the scenes at the Chilis commercial shoot
  16. How do I configure Firefox so that moving between fields with the Tab key also includes buttons and check boxes?
  17. Upgrading an Old iMac to Mac OS X
  18. Apple’s Tipping Point: Macs for the Masses
  19. Parappa The Rapper – Artwork; Parappa-the-Rapper.com
  20. Anton Corbijn: Agenda
  21. My backpack’s got jets
  22. Prince prints any XML document
  23. NeoOffice – OpenOffice.org for MacOSX
  24. Pompage.net – le web design puisé à la source
  25. Ten things librarians should know about the description of movies
  26. keepgoing.org
  27. The Weekly Standards – Archives – Chevrolet
  28. You There, at the Computer: Pay Attention
  29. Go with the grain, film R&amp;D chief urges, for art’s sake
  30. Mellel and other word processors
  31. Michael Russell: Spanglish Lessons Uncut
  32. Customizing any Desktop, Opera the Mac way
  33. Blackbeltjones/work: Massive Change… after a couple of goes round in the dishwasher
  34. Mac Mini is all cables!
  35. Adding Generated Content in CSS2- Attribute values content
  36. Ugly Pony – I Won! I Won!
  37. Revision Raps
  38. iView – Media Management Made Easy
  39. Amazon’s start-up mode will last forever
  40. [Misu]nderstanding semantics
  41. In Memoriam: Darrin Perry, 39
  42. Chilling Effects Clearinghouse: Fan Fiction
  43. Unpacking the iPod Shuffle
  44. Video of Jobs introducing the Macintosh in 1984
  45. FTF: Secretonix
  46. Someday, I Will Copy[-]edit The Great American Novel
  47. Firefox in Irish
  48. Mozilla v slovenčine
  49. Gwe-lywiwr – Y Porwr Cymraeg Mozilla
  50. Capitalism Magazine survives on donations
  51. The Post Punk Kitchen: Vegetarian cooking & vegan baking with no attitude
  52. Disk Inventory X
  53. Missy Elliott’s Line Hits Snag
  54. The Rude Pundit
  55. Stay Close to B. Affleck
  56. New poster rules!
  57. “ I’m looking for examples of language survival for many generations among small groups within a larger monolinguistic society
  58. Historic language communities
  59. The Design Blog – OmniWeb wishlist II; OmniWeb 5 wishlist
  60. MacCentral: CMS WebEdition 3.2 conforms to W3C WAI rules, more
  61. Dreamaway Fold-Up Eye Mask with Carry Pouch
  62. Reuters News Article
  63. IBeBloggin’ – Archive – Your worst client: yourself
  64. Storms, Clouds and Chaos: Yet more casually shirtless ruggerses
  65. Back off with your Google Toolbar, ’cause I can sue you if you don’t
  66. Mac OS X 10.3.8
  67. Adrian Frutiger fan site
  68. Dekan’s Solace – Formatting Email Replies
  69. Linux creator Torvalds switches to an Apple Mac: ZDNet Australia: News
  70. Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
  71. SSI Shredding Demonstrations
  72. Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Excel
  73. Wall-mounting LCD brackets
  74. Advert for emptiness on Flickr
  75. Moopheus wins it!
  76. Error message on hotel PayTV channel on Flickr
  77. footerStick › css › Learn › solarDreamStudios
  78. Bookmark Now
  79. Secrets of the FedEx logo
  80. Developers Wiki – MicroFormats
  81. Macintosh Quadra Easter Egg Movie
  82. Amaztype
  83. Torontoist: Plug In, Play On, and Quiet Down!
  84. Charl van Niekerk’s Blog: Afrikaans Firefox Poster
  85. Post No URLs
  86. Magna Steyr are the Canadian builders in Austria I keep talking to you Australians and British about
  87. Star Wars changes
  88. Linguistic humor
  89. Snowclones: lexicographical dating to the second
  90. Escapable Logic
  91. SXSW ’05: Gallery (2, 3, 4, 5)
  92. Flickr: The That Black Man Is Stealing That Chair! Pool
  93. Must we skewer the twee?
  94. Virtual Community Boards, Missed Connections Not Missed, and Ambient Noise
  95. The Coming War on Blogs
  96. iVault
  97. The Man Who Saved the World Finally Recognized
  98. Wurstfilm
  99. Keep Editorial Fingers Out of Your Layouts
  100. Chinese Mac
  101. tangentialism: Best Sign, March 2005: UPS Store
  102. Gerrard Square
  103. The Prime-Number-Shitting Bear
  104. wallpaper
  105. The Thumb-sized Heart of TK the Cat (Ftrain.com)
  106. How I found Branagh’s lost movie
  107. Xenarc Technologies Corporation – The leader in specialized TFT LCD Monitor
  108. Report from Ottawa; Top 12 copyright reform issues
  109. Tennessee’s trusses welcome you
  110. Camille Paglia – Break, Blow, Burn
  111. GIANTmicrobes!
  112. Warner Bros. Cartoons Filmography
  113. CulturePulp 024: Déjà Cool
  114. Trusty Sidekicks
  115. Understanding the Internet generation
  116. [Microsoft] Office Formats: Not Open By My Definition
  117. Nice use of Thesis
  118. A Roshanda by Any Other Name – How do babies with super-black names fare?
  119. Embedding images inside the source of a HTML page
  120. Truncated iChat status mess
  121. Pixelyn
  122. 622 Music Videos
  123. Jackal’s galleries
  124. Plastic Business Cards
  125. Headshift
  126. Copyright on MeFi
  127. Homosexualist U.K. TV presenter
  128. Cast-bronze Finnish
  129. TeledyN: Annotating Gibson
  130. Why Pamper Life’s Complexities? A Symposium on The Smiths
  131. TOP-POSTING: Best-ever Bugzilla Bug; In Defence of Top Posting
  132. The meanest guy in the bar dated an Irving?
  133. Don’t Click on the Blue E!
  134. Instigator Magazine
  135. Neck Tattoo Guys
  136. Morning phonology rant
  137. No training wheels needed
  138. Tool site: Flash In The Can
  139. West Side ‘Sex’ Club
  140. World subways
  141. There are also NPR streams from affiliate stations KQED and KCRW available in iTunes (source: Radio; stream: Public)
  142. Creating Passionate Users: Hire Different
  143. Fucking technology
  144. iTunes 4.8
  145. Importing audio book CDs into iTunes
  146. Format=Flowed Mini-FAQ
  147. WEBLOG BOOK: Glorious Noise – Rock Star Gary Benchley’s True Identity Revealed!
  148. All Forces – Blog Archive – iChat to MSN Through Jabber
  149. The Treatment, an unboxy Web design
  150. The History of Amazon’s Tab Navigation
  151. Trialsinist
  152. About Sam & Me
  153. Quick Online Tips: The Great Flickr Tools Collection
  154. Documenting Endangered Languages
  155. AppleScript Studio & Reader Advisory Kiosks
  156. Introduction Video – Quicktime LAN
  157. Multiple-Themed Windows XP CSS Desktop v1.0 – Trovster.com
  158. Extra-large Moleskines
  159. Microsoft Rewrites the History of Tabbed Browsing
  160. Library-tool typography
  161. Telegraph – Connected – Over 2 you
  162. Mayor’s ads target Latinos in atrocious Spanish
  163. All your squirrel are belong to us
  164. All your base are belong to us history
  165. It’s like closed captioning in reverse! except of course that it entirely is not
  166. Martha Kinney’s The Fall of the Heartless Horse
  167. Web Standards, Cape Town, South Africa – András Lengyel
  168. Song Titles, Before Editing for Language Efficiency and Clarity
  169. “Common People” as comic book
  170. Job-search hoops
  171. Jesse Ruderman – Request for extension ideas
  172. terminus1525.ca
  173. BMW Down
  174. Vince [Clarke] Synths (no relation)


I keep these in a different folder, and that’s a lot of work to dig through.

  1. Rare classically-handsome model type
  2. Chipper
  3. Li[’]l Red Tank (allegedly)

And also: Predator Profile Stalker

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