A bit harsh a title, I know. Currently popular motion picture Cinderella Man is set in 1920s New York, but it was filmed in part down the road from me at Queen and Broadview. Needless to say, many storefronts needed to be antiqued (and two of them have retained that appearance since then).

But did were we a bit ahistorical in our typeface selection? Wynn Thomas, this means you.

Vintage-like sign reads AL’S MEN’S CLOTHING
Why… why, that’s Benguiat, circa 1978. At least they used a real apostrophe.
Torn, vintage-like wheatpasted sign reads ALSO STARRING Gloria STUART William HARRIGAN in different fonts
“Gloria” and “William” are set in Goudy, circa 1915, so that’s fine, but the words are electronically stretched, as was impossible during the Depression.
Vintage-like sign reads McMAHON's BAKERY
My fave: Lo-Type (also known under other names), which at least is from a similar era (circa 1913), but would be an unlikely sight on the streets of Manhattan. Nor were neutral apostrophes found in the wild in that era.

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