E. John
“Just a simple word. It’s two hearts living in two separate worlds. But it’s no sac·er·i·fi·hice. No sac·er·i·fi·hice
Bad Religion
“If there’s a purpose for us all, it remains a sec·uh·ret to me. Don’t ask me to justify my life”
Go-Go’s, The
“Pay no mind to what they say. It doesn’t matter anyway-hé-é-é. Our lips are sealed. There’s a weapon we must use in our defense: Si·uh·lence
Dandy Warhols, The
“I always knew that you were insane with your pain. But I never thought you’d be a junkie – because heroin is so passé-hé. Heroin is so passé-hé. Heroin is so passé-hé-hé
Juice Newton
“The joker ain’t the only foo-hoo-oo-ool who’ll do anything for you. Layin’ out another lie-hie, thinkin’ ’bout a life of kurrime, if that’s what I’ll have to do-hoo-oo to keep me away from you”
Siouxie and the Banshees
“Ohh-ooh-oh, oh, your see·uh·tee lies in du-u-st, my friend”

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