As adduced, WAI is redesigning its Web site.

You have until July 6 to register complaints, such as:

  1. Type in left-hand navbar is much too large, with too much whitespace. (In other words, I recognize my own deficiency in others.) “Highlights” heading on homepage is superfluous, overlarge, and drowning in whitespace (ditto).
  2. The page on customizing font size and colour is nothing but a wordy and badly-laid-out remedial training session in browser usage. WAI pretends that stylesheet-switching (including zoom layouts) had never been invented.
  3. alt text for the Translations link is clearly wrong. The image used for that link – a sequence of random Unicode characters – is seriously confusing and also unnecessarily purple (is it a visited link)?
  4. RSS instructions are incorrect. You do not “click on the feed link” (Cf. Veen). It’s difficult to make the case that RSS stands for anything but RSS these days; I sincerely doubt anyone outside the W3C thinks it stands for RDF Site Summary (an acronym within an acronym).
  5. Why do I have to go to a separate search page? Search-results pages are unstyled Google results; why not use FindForward, which reuses Google’s API in valid XHTML? (I know, because the W3C bought the Google search appliance. You could still make it work.)
  6. The WAI (actually wai) logotype is grossly pixelated.

This sounds like a job for the ATF.

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None. I quit.

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