The Safari/OmniWeb version. And am I ever frigging tired of Safari’s crashing and losing tabs and the inability to easily export bookmarks from either of them. (Don’t even think of mentioning Saft.)


  1. Large-print guidelines
  2. Associazione Acromati Italiani Onlus (achromats)
  3. Jordi Robert-Ribes is an Andorran and has researched captioning
  4. Quark Gives First Look at XPress 7
  5. FlubTitles: Astonishingly bad subtitle translations
  6. Colour discrimination
  7. Color Representation
  8. L’ordinateur des aveugles
  9. Free or cheap captioning/subtitling software
  10. Captioned online video: 1
  11. Quark’s Postcards from the Edge
  12. Accessibility Features in Adobe Reader 7
  13. Web Accessibility Visualizer
  14. Colourblindness: Accessiblity-Designing for the Color-Challenged
  15. Flash, DHTML Menus and Accessibility
  16. Accessible Web Design – Weekly tips
  17. Making Podcasting Accessible to All
  18. Accessibility for Writers: Software Manuals
  19. Why comply with Website Accessibility Standards?

Web standards

  1. Amazon Light (again)
  2. Language-specific styling: Quotation marks
  3. Is image replacement really worth it?
  4. South Shore Product Requirements Document: “South Shore is a shopping browser that is built on top of Mozilla technology that will allow users to shop online in a safe environment,” as by, I dunno, Google
  5. Too many inline links
  6. XML/XSLT Site: A Blast From the Past
  7. Bearskinrug
  8. Microformats could describe online news intelligently
  9. Use of text-shadow: maratz.com
  10. How to use the title [element]
  11. Survival guide to i18n
  12. RNID teaser site home page
  13. How <link> bars are implemented
  14. The Fade Anything Technique
  15. Schwerdtfeger DHTML
  16. Schwerdtfeger Moz ii
  17. What Microsoft thinks tabindex is
  18. Fanscription
  19. Gareth’s Notes: Citeable Blockquotes
  20. Quick Tips to Fix a CSS Bug
  21. Annotating images with CSS
  22. MathML in CSS: Experimental Testbed
  23. cssdesign.se
  24. CSS Zen Garden – an Eyetools eyetracking analysis
  25. Setting the current menu state with CSS
  26. CSS Generator
  27. Discussing CSS Management and Optimization
  28. A CSS-styled table
  29. The Form Assembly: Free Web Form Builder, Form Templates and CSS Stylesheets
  30. IE and italics problem
  31. Non-Errors: Those usages people keep telling you are wrong but which are actually standard in English
  32. How to Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate
  33. ProjectNew: For designers new to standards
  34. Design web : utiliser les standards (Zeldman in French)


  1. TypoTechnica program
  2. Someone else using Zapfino
  3. Comic Sans: Vanagon.com
  4. Bigger fonts in OS X
  5. iPod fonts; I really hate Chicago; Geneva
  6. Fixing Web Fonts on OSX After Microsoft Office; Font Folly: MS Office
  7. Batch-convert fonts to and from OpenType
  8. Music Band Fonts; Pastor of Muppets Font
  9. Great Circus font misprinted
  10. Font Fatigue: Pruning Excess Fonts in Mac OS X
  11. Homoflexible: ClearType fonts from Microsoft
  12. Gothic font
  13. How Subpixel Font Rendering Works
  14. Crowned C: Who knew Jonathan Cheban (no relation) was Swedish?
  15. Surfing the Web for Design Lessons
  16. Roger Black interview
  17. The Rise and Fall of Rock and Roll Graphic Design


  1. Williamsburghipster: A worst-case scenario?
  2. BM Silver-blond
  3. Eyesoftexas (Ninjaoftexas?)
  4. LittleMinx


  1. Hate the bride, love the groom
  2. Troy Hurtubise allegedly sees through walls
  3. I know there’s a utility for OSX that allows one mouse to move across all networked monitors
  4. Can Blogging Ever Become Big Business?
  5. Screenplay formatting, which is fucked
  6. ‘Seizure’ misspelling crashes Eloquence
  7. Cassette to CD Service
  8. Coupland interview
  9. Amazon DevCon – Rael Dornfest notes and transcript
  10. New Line Cinema Movie Publicity Site
  11. Will Providing Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples Undermine Heterosexual Marriage? Evidence from Scandinavia and the Netherlands by M.V. Lee Badgett
  12. Did gay marriage destroy heterosexual marriage in Scandinavia? by M.V. Lee Badgett
  13. How do we keep forgetting to mention that Ten Years Ago in Spy is back? Well, Ten Years Ago in Spy is back”
  14. [T]he techniques that the studios have been using to make sure the screener DVDs they’re sending out to awards-show voters don’t fall into the hands of pirates
  15. Rineke Dijkstra portraits
  16. Mac Rat: “Look what I noticed as I was shoving the new boxes into the hall closet”
  17. Economist: Linguists
  18. Illustrated Mini Cooper
  19. Pangrammer Helper
  20. The DVD Journal: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  21. US Academic 1.0 Macintosh keyboard, a must for Unicodistas
  22. Typewriter keyboard for Macs
  23. Dutch Y
  24. The films stink more than the greasy audience
  25. Aqua Firefox Set
  26. Mementoize Safari’s cache: “You remember a word, phrase or image title from a web page – but you’ve forgotten where you saw it – and you don’t want to wade through ‘History’ or Google to find it! Retrospective allows you to search Safari’s cache for any textual content on previously visited websites. That way you can quickly locate a page again if you forget the address but know something about the content”
  27. Scan to PDF
  28. Free Online Graph Paper/Grid Paper PDFs
  29. Firefox & Thunderbird Guidebook
  30. ACME Novelty Toy Gallery
  31. Cherry compact keyboard
  32. Cherry solar keyboard
  33. A9 Yellow Pages have photos
  34. Why Sontag Didn’t Want to Come Out
  35. Happy Fun Ball
  36. Macintosh Recycling
  37. An Effective Solution for Spam
  38. Glabrous
  39. Backing out of being a tranny
  40. Bruce Dickinson flies 737s
  41. Twenty-four short films with music by Radiohead
  42. The Institute For Figuring: “The Institute For Figuring is an educational organization dedicated to enhancing the public understanding of figures and figuring techniques”
  43. Relay-operator threat
  44. Controlling your Mac mini from your Newton
  45. Things You Never Knew Existed: Pocket Dentist
  46. The Veg Sex Shop: Safer Sex
  47. Mercedes-Benz agrees: Leather-free options for all future models
  48. Evil Signs Weblog
  49. The Whole Flying-With–Virgin Atlantic Thing. Sorted
  50. Mystery of ‘chirping’ pyramid decoded
  51. Screen Grab Confab, Vol. II (large file with lengthy load time)
  52. Vonage prices
  53. How hard do you work?
  54. How Much Does a Science Fiction or Fantasy Writer Make?
  55. $419 headphones
  56. StorageReview
  57. Why bigger is better
  58. Edirol UA1X USB Cable Audio Interface
  59. FileSalvage
  60. PDF Adder
  61. The Importance of Google ©
  62. Invoices Past Due
  63. Why E-books flunk
  64. Phototopia: Boys of Nuremberg
  65. WindowDragon allows a window’s entire structure to be used as move or resize zone”
  66. iSpeak It
  67. Great (and Not So Great) Sites Which Need a Redesign
  68. Scientists, doctors and researchers warn of fluoridated water dangers
  69. Beaches reflection
  70. Long pages on WikiPedia
  71. Milk substitutes
  72. Wiki drawbacks
  73. Why trust an encyclopedia?
  74. SourceWatch, a directory of PR firms
  75. Macintosh keyboard shortcuts
  76. Well-designed WordPress sites
  77. Chart of available Mac OS software updates
  78. Project Manager Leaves Suicide PowerPoint Presentation
  79. Justin Hall bows out at 31
  80. Tyler Brûlé’s Desk
  81. Breaking The Law (iPod/iTunes promotion-hacking)
  82. Welsh Tea in Gaiman (Gaiman, Patagonia, not the author)
  83. Brain study points to ‘sixth sense’
  84. FlySketch: “Draw, highlight everywhere”
  85. Momus: Acanthamoeba Keratitis
  86. Mozdev.org: Preferential (for preferences)
  87. CoffeeGeek
  88. Hyperlinks in print (Cf. HyPulp)
  89. Zuggest for Amazon
  90. Vinyl records with iTunes
  91. *sucks.com and how to deal with them
  92. iPod eBooks Creator: Convert books (text files) into notes on iPod
  93. HP Designjet 815mfp
  94. QuickTime Pro: About Supported File Types
  95. Firefox S5
  96. Evert Bloemsma type design (R.I.P.)
  97. HumaneText.service
  98. faircopyright.ca
  99. Henri Sivonen’s pages (Mozilla, especially “print UI for Mozilla”)
  100. Freedom of Expression PDF
  101. Word of mouth ‘winner for books’
  102. Gawker: 12 posts, $2,500/month
  103. One-Click Backup? It Exists!
  104. alt-textit
  105. Statistically improbable
  106. Citrus Deodorant
  107. Swiss (photo)
  108. Writing for the Future
  109. Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
  110. South by Etech recollections
  111. Videoblogging Messages
  112. Current Football Players If They Decided to Spell Their Last Name Like Brett Favre
  113. Rap Act or Gay-Rights Advocacy Group?
  114. Cruel Nicknames for Overweight Vampires
  115. RYB & RGB
  116. Surviving the Pandemic
  117. Super OS X menubar items
  118. Tabtastic
  119. Cepstral TTS voices (like Rhetorical’s)


  1. Anne van Kesteren on Flickr
  2. Flickr Coïncidences
  3. Toronto subway buttons


  1. BoingBoing admits making money
  2. BoingBoing Butler
  3. Boing Boing: How to de-Xeni BoingBoing
  4. Boing Boing, Ka-Ching Ka-Ching

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