Was parting such sweet sorrow after @media? Need more Joe in your life, albeit delivered in strictly-limited quantity, like absinthe?

Well, if you’re in London on September 1 and have £345 to spare, you can attend a superexclusive one-day Carson Workshop™ entitled “Sharing the Secrets of Web Accessibility.” If the day sells out, you never know what might happen, so sign up now.

The best part? As with all my recent presentations, this one includes audience participation. If you’ve got questions you need answered, you can mail ’em in and we can (more accurately, may) deal with them in class. The last time I did classroom training, this feature was an all-out hit, even if there was one task I’d already done easily on my own site that I could not reproduce live and in person. Heck, lightning might strike twice. Give it your worst!

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