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We all hate the Toronto Unlimited campaign. There’s nothing to like about it. Kyle Rae complained that they missed the boat in promoting Toronto as a nice place for queers to get married. (But, I mean, how could it be nicer than Edmonton?)

Nonetheless, things could be worse. From the July 5 Advocate, which I only borrow from the library and only then to marvel at its outdated, stale, middle-class-newsmagazine approach:

Magazine ad (next to blue teacup and honey jar) shows shirtless man lounging in red-upholstered convertible with the legend MIAMI

The ad copy is as bad as ours:

Four of Miami’s most popular and renown annual celebrations highlight a noteworthy calendar of events, attracting visitors from across the country and around the world.

“Most popular and renown” is the kind of error you’d expect from, say, a native Spanish speaker who thinks he can read and write English. Or somebody from the northern half of New Brunswick – but I assume they just hired the non-union Mexican equivalent of Cletus and Brandine to save on airfare.

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