Toronto’s much-photographed Distillery District has a giant overhead member with the following signs on its north and south faces, respectively:

Signs read ‘Gooderham & Worts,’ one rusted and decayed, the other pristine

Also, they put in a clock:

Men steady a tall black four-sided clock as a crane lowers it into position on a cobblestone street

Sadly, it’s directly ahead of the end of the sidewalk, meaning a blind person who keeps walking in a straight line will bump right into it.

Plus of course the cranes that hang around the Distillery like juvenile delinquents at a variety store are inexplicably labeled with newspaper agate type that I can’t be arsed to look up. Why not just use Futura Maxi?

Blue crane is emblazoned UpRight SB80 BOOM LIFT, in part, in sansserif type with high x-height and thick circular strokes
Embossed logo on crane reads UpRight in sansserif font

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