A press release tells us the following (links added):

WSI Franchise VP’s of Knowledge Management Tagged as Expert in Web Accessibility

[…] In an article… Valerie Brown, Vice President, Knowledge Management, WSI, was extensively quoted on Web accessibility and what it means to business. […] “WSI is offering Web accessibility as an option to clients building a Web site. When serving our clients, we come to them with the latest information like accessibility, making sure that if there is legislation that they need to abide by, that we can build that for them. Or, if there is no [accessibility] legislation, at least help them understand that it is coming and that at certain point we may have to build or upgrade their Web site to be accessible” […]

Well, that’s terribly interesting.

  • The WSI homepage has so many glaring WCAG and accessibility errors that it becomes a kind of drinking game. How many ways can you flunk them on Priority 1? (The marquee text is my fave.)
  • Then there’s the “accessible” version, given with a link labeled “Accessibility Version (Text).”
  • Once you get there, you are presented with a link to the original page that reads – I shit you not – “Back to Normal Version.”

Yes, dear friends, Valerie Brown’s company thinks Web accessibility is optional and is the same as a text-only page, and that the inaccessible Web is normal while the accessible Web is something else. (How would they describe people who cannot use the normal Web?)

So who the hell “tagged” Brown as an “expert in Web accessibility”? To paraphrase Absolutely Fabulous, “ ‘Meg Ryan, movie star’? I’ll be the judge of that.”

In any event, I’m sure Brown would view my entire life as unsuitable for her company in the first place.

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