I’m sorry, but I am seriously creeped out by the photographs posted to Flickr by the user named Hurls103 (also blog [short for “Web log”]). Her (indeed her) photos are entirely G-rated and show nothing but red-haired males (sic).

Nominally this should not be a problem, because everything that creeps me out has a countervailing factor. They’re athletes, which should be totally hot, but they are fully clothed nearly all the time. They’re all guys, but… they’re not all adults. There are too many goddamned teenagers in that photo stream. I do not know that they’re at least 14 or 18 years of age.

The entire purpose of the Flickr stream is to ogle red-haired guys. If you start doing that and click on to the next photo, what you might end up looking at is a teenager. Is that what you want?

This is not child pornography. It is, however, too frigging close for comfort. Not only do I not do kids, I don’t do teens. Talk to me when you’re in your 20s, all right?

Since many of these photo subjects are legally minors, are their parents or guardians aware of these photos? Again, nominally the pictures are perfectly Christian and pure, but context is everything.

Why are so many of the photos clearly graduation pictures? How does she get access to those?

Are the indisputable adults in that stream really unaware why they are included? Is anyone that naïve anymore? (If these guys look at the whole stream, does the purpose not become apparent?)

What are the exact terms of the photo releases these subjects signed? Did they?

How many girls are going to look at these photos compared to guys? If her contacts are any indication, exactly 1/7 times as many. (Excluding me, her contacts include 14 males, two females, and one unstated or transgenderist.)

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