– Mark E. Smith

Entrevue avec former notorious closet case Bob Mould, Punk Planet, “March and April 2006”:

Artwork-wise there were a couple [of] different things going on. The front cover, it’s [by] two guys who have a graphics house up in Vancouver called Mondolithic. Ken[n] Brown, the main guy, he and I sort of got together and I said, “This is the font I want to use.” Stop me if this is getting way too theoretical.

No, Bob, it isn’t. Letters are things, not pictures of things, let alone theories of things.

I sort of used that dense compressed Helvetica font on the three records Modulate, LoudBomb and the live record [sic], so I go to the Interstate font. It’s a little bit louder version of it. It’s got a little bit more pitch….

And Univers, seen in his blog header, doesn’t? Somehow I have a hard time accepting that the evolving persona of Bob Mould can be adequately communicated by angled terminals. (“What kind of sansserif typeface defines me as a person?”)

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