This week we enjoyed a visit by Matt Müllenweg (not his real orthography). The esteemed colleague and benefactor of my network of sites was in town for some conference or other. We squired him around to various restaurants, including the Queen Mother, where he was fêted by a motley crew including a 28-year-old father of two, a pair of inverts who are not in fact together, a man in a wheelchair and another man battling an almost-equally-disabling hairstyle, a couple in from the city that CrackBerry bought, and two solo developer types. (Additionally, we found out at the eleventh hour that Matt just missed being lodged at the Gladstone.)

And it was all well and good, but the not-entirely-unshocking realization, after knowing Matt now since he was in his teens, is that he tends to simply view tasks as attainable and then merely attains them. Whereas when I was his age I clutched a useless diploma in engineering in my fingers and could barely tie my shoes. Kids today. “Buck up,” I tell myself.

Anyway, obviously the best possible portrait is one that unites Matt and a classic, even textbook use of nobody’s favourite typeface, Arial.

Matt Müllenweg, in green shirt and brown jacket, points jauntily at a sign for AIRPORT EXPRESS AÉROPORT giving BUS TO AIRPORT times in Arial

Apparently there’s some big news or other on Monday. Matt’s always got news.

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