It’s too good to be true: The Canadian New Media Awards, already a failed redesign, now announce their finalists for 2006.

The nominees are published on page that uses tables for layout and has three HTML validation errors. At that rate, it should be a nominee in its own awards show. Let’s fact-check some arses.

Only in Canada would sites this lousy be up for awards

To sum up:

  • Ten sites use Flash (another does so decoratively)
  • The nominated sites have 1,596 total validation errors
  • 24 sites, all of them nominated for awards, use tables for layout in 2006. (One other uses tables for corporate branding but CSS elsewhere)
  • Eight sites cannot cite a correct DOCTYPE (useful for browsers but not intrinsically fatal)
  • Seven sites get character encoding wrong (an error-prone issue involving cascades between server and HTML, but nonetheless, easy to fix in a Web page)

And, of greatest interest:

  • A mere two sites have valid HTML, one of which uses tables for layout (with one near-miss)

And the whole thing’s sponsored by the government through the Department of Canadian Heritage and Telefilm Canada. Your tax dollars at work.

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