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I know I shouldn’t be picking on widdle Andy Wysocki and Bill Sanderson, the husband-and-husband team behind BigMuscle(Bears) and another “dating” site with an Orwellian name, NormalGay. They’re just average guys with man-sized appetites trying to give back to the community – via a genteel porn site that wages a campaign of atrocities against Web standards. I know it’s mean of me to nag at these small-time operators, whose hearts are pure and their edition of Microsoft FrontPage fully licensed.

Or is it? An online interview (NSFW) gives us a superexclusive peek inside the Magic Kingdom, where, as no dessert is complete without whipped cream, no Web site is complete without tables and frames. (Some copy errors corrected, others mocked.)

I can only say how it effected our life [sic], how its effected the gay community [sic] is only second hand from the e-mails we receive…. I Andy was in technical Sales [sic] and Bill was a manager in an IT department…. We figured the donations from the members were paying the [I]nternet bill and that anything he could get from selling ad space he could live off of, and my full-time job would cover the rest….

In July of 2005 we re-ran the numbers and figured I (Andy) could leave my full-time job with a pay cut, but the quality of life would offer us so much more. So what started as a fun project turned into a full-time job for both of us…. Bill and I are just the janitors keeping the site clean and sparkling.

So I guess I needn’t feel sorry for this couple, as they are debt-free proprietors of profitable Web sites that will shortly expand to further “boutique” markets. I note the gushing exclamation “Thanks, Andy and Bill!” on many an obsequious BigMuscle(Bears) profile; shouldn’t they be thanking us? How, exactly, is a site full of photos of shirtless and/or naked homosexualists (“I think voyeurism is what makes BigMuscle work in some ways”) in any sense “clean and sparkling”? (Never mind what’s under the hood.)

I think the [W]ayback [M]achine has some very funny old graphics of [QOD.com] when I really didn’t know about HTML coding. Not that I do still, but have learned a few things by now.

Straight guys know more about gay sex than these two know about HTML.

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