This pickup truck has an added train wheel on each corner. Whilst taking pictures, the driver chatted me up. He has to pull out a safety pin, drop each wheel down, and then manually jack up each corner of the truck. It then becomes possible to drive down the tracks, sort of Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd–style.

White pickup truck has a wide metal wheel half the diameter of the truck’s wheel that sits behind it

By the way, one curious and dangerous feature of Toronto is the train tracks running right through the city, sometimes so close you can look out your window and see individual bolts on wheels. The trains usually just creep along, except of course for the train tracks through Leslieville, where the Via trains run at full tilt and are quite free with blowing the whistle. Trains in one’s backyard make for a a cozy feel and a distinctive cityscape, but they’re an invitation to disaster. It already happened in Mississauga in 1979.

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