Yet further on a topic of no interest to my nontechnical readers, WCAG 2: I call for a response to WCAG 2.0 from the World Wide Web Consortium’s Quality Assurance Working Interest Group, whose activities included “improv[ing] the quality of W3C specifications through guidelines and reviews of specifications at critical stages of their development.”

Given that WCAG 2 famously refuses to require valid HTML, permits tables for layout, offers advice on how to use nonstandard elements like blink and noembed (viable though the latter may be), and provides seriously conflicting advice about source vs. presentation order and offscreen positioning, an actual assessment from Quality Assurance is urgently needed. (UPDATE, 2006.06.12: My pal Christophe Strobbe points out that the Working Group portion of QA disbanded in September 2005. The Interest Group portion may have nothing to say.)

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