Through the advice of my esteemed colleague Derek Featherstone, I finally learn the true cost of having a blog:

Start a blog: I can attribute at least six figures of income to my blog (that doesn’t include the two decimal places!). Can you afford not to try it for yourself?

I suppose that means I have forgone six figures of income from my blog. We now have evidence of the cost penalty incurred when one fails to be a jovial, matey former rugger and father of three. (If you think I’m being hard on Derek, knock it off. I have discussed this conundrum with him already. He isn’t the one who needs shoring up.)

The unmarried sarcastic teetotaling veganist homosexualist “entrepreneur” can expect to lose six figures of income over the lifetime of his blog, particularly if prone to swearing, criticism, and other forms of unmitigated gall honesty. Yet is it not unexpected, at the very least, for Molly to claim that no harm befalls her business the more personal her blog becomes? Perhaps this is not about honesty in blogs but the way unpopularity survives from one medium to another.

Can you afford not to try being yourself?

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None. I quit.

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