– Mark E. Smith

I’m willing to go for “gay and lesbian” where “queer” is somehow inappropriate. I draw the line at that, and any set of Scrabble tiles masquerading as an acronym representing our diverse communities (LGBTTQQI2S*) is intellectual fraud. T people aren’t gay people, and neither are I or 2S. Sorry. When the deaf become the blind and Canadians become Icelanders, then we’ll talk. (And if you’re several of those things at once, bravo! You’re the exception that alters the rule not one whit.)

My esteemed colleague agrees with me. He put untold hours of effort into the design of a varsity jacket for this, the least exclusive club since the one straight people started up. (And almost as much effort getting WordPress.com to publish his blog entry correctly. It still isn’t 100%.)

Purple varsity jacket with green sleeves and rainbow cuffs is emblazoned with a crest of overlappping triangles, a labyris, and intertwined male and female symbols and the letters L G B T 2S Q Q Q B L M OR M·OR SS&S Y

Or perhaps you’d just like a crest for your manpurse?

Framed crest has overlappping triangles, a labyris, and intertwined male and female symbols

For markup enthusiasts only: LGBT2SQQQBLMORMORSS&SY.

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