A previously unforeseeable conjunction of concepts. Toronto Star, 2006.09.18:

Young guys in hardhats and hockey jerseys, one holding a trombone

Members of UofT’s Lady Godiva Memorial Band belt out “Rubber Ducky” during the 18th Annual AIDS Walk for Life yesterday. […]

Engineering students in Toronto have transformed themselves, seemingly in the blink of an eye, from beer-guzzling, frosh-hazing homophobes to adorable and eccentric mascots.

I credit the presence of an actual homosexualist-engineer club and frogmarching these guys in their trademark, spot-on look of matching blue jerseys, hardhats, overalls, and face- and bodypaint in the gay-pride parade. We have soothed the savage breast of Lady Godiva.

They’re having a wine-and-cheese this Wednesday. And, I mean, come on. “Rubber Ducky” – it’s perfect.

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