Can somebody tell Jared Smith of WebAIM that the “notes” to his presentation entitled “User-Centered, Standards-Driven Accessibility,” having been published in untagged PDF and in “HTML,” are neither user-centred, standards-driven, nor accessible?

And it gets worse: The “notes” are a prototypical Tufte-noncompliant misuse of presentation software (in this case Keynote), and the HTML is so crappy it disables the Back button. Smith has delivered a cautionary tale in the guise of advice.

The foregoing posting appeared on Joe Clark’s personal Weblog on 2006.11.25 14:15. This presentation was designed for printing and omits components that make sense only onscreen. (If you are seeing this on a screen, then the page stylesheet was not loaded or not loaded properly.) The permanent link is:

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None. I quit.

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