– Mark E. Smith

Via the “March and April 2007” Punk Planet, which curiously failed to publish my letter complaining that they use multiple f-ligatures in Mrs Eaves but cannot spell words right even on the cover, comes an interview by invert writer T Cooper (sic) with Crazy-L, a young white Detroit rap artiste who is not Eminem in two ways: He isn’t rich and famous and he’s got muscular dystrophy, scoliosis, and a brain injury. (If only he were also a black lesbian! Then he could be invited to speak at tech conferences.)

“And he was literally dragging himself around this smoky, half-empty club in the wee hours of the night, trying to convince [un]interested and jaded-looking hip-hop [fans] to drop a measly five-note on his CD.” Also, his “friend” fucked him over by “losing” all the tracks for what should have been his latest album.

Now, obviously somebody like this is going to have an ugly monstrosity of a MySpace page, the genre of which, no matter how Ze Frank and Patric(k) King dress it up, shall never be considered in good taste at any time between now and when the sun goes nova.

But hey! Somebody hire Crazy-L for a sit-down job so he can ply his wares without wearing out his wares.

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