Web Typography Sucks is the (surely hyperbolic) title of a presentation by one’s esteemed colleague Richard Rutter (the calm one at ClearLeft) and Mark Boulton, whom I believe I’ve not yet met and whose talent for malapropism has rubbed off onto Richard.

Shall we look at one set of slides from their gigantic PDF “deck”?

' " Anybody recogni[z]e these characters? These are primes

No, they are not. They’re neutral quotation marks, a relic of the typewriter age.

6'10" 50°49'33" They are not quote marks or apostrophes

That’s exactly what they are. What they aren’t are “primes.” ′ and ″ are prime and double prime, and they look like this:

6′10″ 50°49′33″

Other than that, smashing presentation.

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None. I quit.

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