Surely you saw the amusing chain letter on the accessibilitista blogs (viz Accessify) on April Fool’s Day:

Well, it’s certainly caught a few people by surprise. It may seem like we’ve been all been going around in circles for a while on this, but the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 finally became a candidate recommendation on Friday. This was despite the last draft having a large number of comments that were, apparently, still not addressed.

Looking at the WCAG mailing list, it seems that much of the clearing up of these sticking points was largely down to the concerted efforts of invited expert Olivier Farlop (or Oli to his friends). So, after what has seemed like an absolute age, it seems like the joke’s on us – all that deliberation and argument, disagreement and opinion has been made a mockery of with this surprising announcement.

And each participant linked to the next. Très amusant, I suppose.

However: The public WAI mailing lists make no mention of this little venture at all. And of course they don’t! Nobody there reads accessibility blogs. Or any blogs. Or uses the Web. Or likes the Web.

Or runs in our circles.

Or matters.

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