By Paul. J. Lawrence, Toronto Star, 2007.04.24 (p. B3):

An air ambulance arrives to rush an SUV driver away with head and neck injuries after an accident near Pt. Union Road closed all eight lanes of [the] 401 heading east for over an hour yesterday. A blowout caused the woman’s SUV to skid across four lanes, then roll several times after clipping the back of a pickup truck.

This is really a case of being in the right place at the right time – just as the chopper takes off and a fireman and some kind of plainclothes-cop type in a Kevlar look quizzically at the camera.

The air ambulance is often seen at my latitude of the city and I do the same sort of thing I do when I see roadkill: I say a little benediction (not exactly prayer). You know I went through engineer school to work in automotive safety, right? It requires bloodlessness on the one hand and barely-controlled wincing and cringing on the other, often in response to actual blood. If I ride alongside your car in midwinter and holler “Seatbelt!” through your closed window, do as I say.

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