I think we need more of D. Washington acting less like an African monarch and more like a guy with a chip on his shoulder. Out of Time by Dave Collard, opposite Dean (“haffu” ハッフ) Cain:

— You know, I could almost respect a man who had the balls to confront me, tell me “Yeah, I’m banging your wife.”

— Maybe this – this guy, maybe there’s nothing he would rather do than, you know, than tell you that you’re a lousy husband and that you don’t deserve Ann. Maybe there is nothing he would rather do than to walk up into your face, look you right in the eye, and say “Chris, I’m banging your wife – good.” [Chris scoffs] Maybe – you know, maybe your wife won’t let him.

[Chuckle] I’d respect him, at least. And if he did that, then I’d go up to him, look him in his eye, and I’d say “Just come near her again and I’ll kill you.”

— Wow, Chris. Wow. You’re talking to the wrong guy, Chris, because as a police officer, I can’t let you go around threatening people’s lives. I mean, if you’re serious, then I would be obligated to do something about it.

— Really.

— That’s right.

— Thanks for the beer. And the conversation.

— Thanks for listening.

— OK.

Denzel Washington, facing Dean Cain, says: You give Ann my best... if you can

I am told that heterosexualist males call this “butting heads over a chick.” Really, why do they bother?

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