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  1. Simon Pegg, actor: Strawberry blond only in the summer. Or when wearing a “stab vest.” Or both.

    Simon Pegg, wearing police epaulets, gazes off to the side with furrowed brow
    Simon Pegg stands listlessly in a subway car holding a potted plant

    (Hot Fuzz, by the way? ★★★★)

  2. Another “actor,” this one “adult,” with a nom de porno so ridiculous I can’t bring myself to write it: Provably not ginger, but photographs that way (a new concept), complete with defining blepharoplastable eyelids.

    Man in blue T-shirt, with scruffy beard and dark Mohawk haircut, sits at a piano before painting of birds and zebra
    Close-up of man with dark Mohawk haircut wearing leather suspenders

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None. I quit.

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