I am present at @media 2007 in London (and yes, approved persons may meet me). I am liveblogging various sessions, which have to be copy-edited before posting.

I gave my presentation, “When Accessibility Is Not Your Problem: THE REVENGE,” this afternoon at 1630 hours to my biggest crowd ever, nearly 700. A larger-than-normal number of things went wrong – among others, Safari froze and, for the second time, a perfectly valid and previously functional S5 slide set also froze. I need to accept reality and switch to Keynote like every other Macintosh supremacist.

Nonetheless, the immediately pressing news is that the WCAG Samurai Errata have been published. And, unbeknownst to nearly everyone, I commissioned two independent peer reviews of it (by Gian Sampson-Wild and by Alastair Campbell), which nobody but the authors of those reviews had read before today. (I still haven’t and I’m not going to bother till I get home.)

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