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Since so many of my comments over at Steve Munro’s site are moderated out of existence, with a personal response via lengthy and peeved E-mails, I think I should start archiving my comments here so he can’t touch them (or interject his own replies in italics beginning with Steve:).

On the subject of the TTC’s “coordinated” public-information campaign about new LRTs, I granted Steve’s point that it was good that TTC finally managed to get a message out on many channels at once. But, while we come to his site because of his years of experience, he should not mistake himself as any kind of expert on Web development. Hence, no, a crappy Flash site and an alternative “accessible” HTML site won’t cut it. If the main TTC site is locked in amber from 1998, My New Streetcar is locked in the year 2000. And the public viewings of the streetcar model by the preordained winner of the contract, Bombardier, are scheduled for office hours only. Great public consultation there.

Additionally, perhaps somebody would like to find out exactly what Brad Sellors, president, Infinite Media (“Integrated Media Productions”) had to do with MyNewStreetcar. He’s listed as having registered the domain.

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