– Mark E. Smith

So are PDFs for plain-text documents.

What I previously wrote about Steve Munro:

We visit Steve’s Web site for informed observations based on decades of experience and years of collected documents (and now, custom runs of TTC computer data). I have read his entire site and I value it.

Today, I (effortlessly) produced a valid-HTML version of his old article for The Idler, originally a PDF (tagged, no less).

In response, after letting off some steam and just before top-posting my original E-mail (unnecessary in Eudora), Steve lobs this bon mot:

I don’t give a damn whether you do a pass for Italics or anything else. Someday, when you make a useful contribution to a discussion rather than trying to one-up everybody in the room, I might pay attention to you.

In my own defence, at least I know (a) HTML, (b) type, and (c) that red hankies went out of style on the gay scene before I was even born.

Streetcars forever, Steve! The ghosts of the Spadina Expressway haunt us still.

Remember: His is the only blog the TTC reads.

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