• It won’t save your tabs. You can’t rearrange them. Your bookmark name is the tab name, meaning that sites that update their title, like Gmail, never visibly update.
  • If you’ve been busy with other programs for a while, Safari takes minutes to load a simple static Web page. Before you pull a Microsoft technical support and accuse me of having something screwy with my setup, that has been the consistent behaviour on every machine I’ve ever had, including one fresh out of the box.
  • Downloading by right-clicking forces the Downloads window into your face. If I wanted to watch a progress bar animate, I’d copy a file on Microsoft Windows. Download in the background, please. (Opera also gets this wrong.)
  • Running Safari for a week (or, more accurately, leaving it open even on a new computer used only a few hours a day at most) can eat up over 240 MB of RAM and over a quarter of CPU cycles.
  • Find-in-page displays nothing, not even a tiny dialogue box, if the text isn’t found. You can sit there hitting Return all you want; as far as Safari is concerned, it has no obligation to tell you a string of text does not exist on the page.
  • Opening bookmarks via the icon on your personal toolbar appears to destroy the page you were looking at. In fact you can hit the back arrow, but is that obvious?
  • When typing ahead in the address bar, Safari does everything it can to force you to visit previously-seen pages. In other words, it forces you to wade through a 150-character URL to a specific blog post instead of autocompleting just the domain name. You have to type the full domain name (and extension if not .com) and one or more spaces.

Of the things one wishes to do to Safari, to “pimp” it does not appear on the list.

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