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As of yesterday (2007.08.25), drivers on TTC surface routes are required to call out all stops. That’s all stops, not just the major ones, or the ones they can fit in while listening to an iPod in one ear and eating a slice of pizza with one hand (actual example on the 7 last week – I reported him).

It all happened after TTC lost an open-and-shut human-rights complaint filed by David Lepofsky, typically described as a “blind lawyer.” This was two years after Lepofsky won an indentical open-and-shut case against the TTC, this time about the subway. There, after both sides presented arguments, the head of the inquiry told everyone to stick around a minute, went to an office, fired up MS Word, and typed and printed out a complete vindication of Lepofsky on the spot.

If you find a bus or streetcar driver failing to call out stops, or talking on a cellphone at any time, or listening to an iPod, or eating outside of a meal break, or just being a total arsehole in some way or another, feel free to file a complaint by calling 416 393-3030 or by using their intentionally hidden online complaints form.

As Lepofsky has been saying all along, what he sought was announcement of stops, not the installation of an expensive automated system to do so. As of yesterday, Giambrone et al. cannot claim that they support the idea in principle but it’s taking just so danged long to get this new system up and running. Time has run out, and announcements must now be made.

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