You wouldn’t know it from the page that introduces the topic (love the pictures of text to indicate other languages – even a picture of Spanish!), but the TTC is running a survey on its own server, survey.ttc.ca. It’s an exercise in either propaganda or data collection, depending on your beliefs.

  • The pages launches from a popup window. I’ve just solved that problem for you. Unrequested popups are a WCAG violation and are an accessibility barrier. We aren’t being persnickety about them; they get in people’s way. It also means that popup windows for error messages are forbidden too.

  • How many tables for layout? 22. Validation errors? Only 18, mostly due to the unnecessary JavaScript.

  • You must complete Question 6 (emphasis removed to reduce tackiness):

    The TTC is facing significant financial pressures. What do you feel is the best way for the TTC to deal with the funding gap? (Select all that apply)

    • Have the City of Toronto raise taxes to provide additional funding
    • Raise fares
    • Reduce service

    You cannot abstain from the question or give another answer.

  • Best of all, typing in the first three characters of a valid postal code has them autoconvert before your very eyes to 4-2, which then gives you a pop-up error message. You can dismiss it, but you can’t fix the original problem.

    Dialogue box gives URL and says Invalid Postal Code. Window underneath lists 4-2 in a field for first three characters of home postal code

You’ll also be able to fill out a paper form and drop it off in little boxes I’ve been seeing, and photographing, at subway stations since the weekend. That might be a better option, actually.

Remember: Even when they know they’re being watched, they carry right on fucking up.

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