No, they gave him a radio show instead. Jesse Brown is now apparently the host of another of those CBC Radio programs for shut-ins and the media elite (pace Gzowski – they’re the only groups sitting at home listening to radio at 11:30 in the morning).

Search Engine drops buzzwords like crowdsourcing and mob and so on, but reveals the fundamental cluelessness of the CBC by hiring the capo di tutti usual supects, Cory Doctorow, who will literally rewrite his newspaper columns and read them on the air. (All with no DRM. You did not wake up this morning wanting to do less with your recycled content than you could yesterday!)

Putting Doctorow on your first episode rings a bell here. It’s like having no talent, a tendency to be mistaken for an Arab, a propensity to issue statements like “I was born to wear J. Lindeberg suits,” and a staff who despise you and also slotting Peggy Twatwood into the first episode of your new arts-and-culture newsmagazine. Welcome to CBC, where creative is always in renewal.

Additionally, Brown flatly admits that the show’s efforts to drum up excitement, to conjure a community like sea monkeys from a foil pouch, failed. Of course it did; you’re too late to the party and the whole enterprise is inauthentic.

Are Brown and his politburo still planning on pursuing the logical impossibility of further Nonfiction nights?

If Jesse Brown is so fucking tall, why are he and everyone around him aiming so fucking low?

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