Something actually funny from Bill Maher (Real Time with, 2007.10.26 [iTunes], about 29:20 in). By the way, two guests on that episode were homosexualists, the matter–antimatter pair of A. Sullivan and M. Navratilova.

MAHER: You’re in for a treat. We have been chosen here at Real Time to host the fifth annual Fall Fundamentalist Fashion Show. And you are gonna love this. Could we have our first model please, and I’ll describe it? All right!

  • Sleek and stylish in this wool blend, Najiva is hot-hot-hot – and not just from wearing a suffocating tarp in the desert. This outfit just screams “Look out, world! I’m a woman of the 12th century!” Turn heads without losing yours in this sizzling Saudi sheath. And be the wife that he calls for tonight – and every night.

  • Here comes lovely Anaan. Anaan is wearing a daring French cut with a plunging eye slit. It comes in black and dark black and it leaves absolutely everything to the imagination. Guaranteed to get your man so hot he’ll want to crack you on the ankle with a long stick. Whether you’re on the go or simply knowing your place, nobody does repression like the House of Saud.

  • Here’s Khalee. Isn’t she just scrumptious in this business-casual abaya by Donna Karan? It’s a throwback pullover that says “I’m too sexy for my Shiite.” Dress it up for morning prayers or dress it down for midnight stonings. This one says “My mullah brings all the boys to the yard.” Available at Kmart by Isaac Jihadi.

  • Here’s lovely Gamal in a first look from Saudi Arabia’s hottest designer, Muslim Dior. (He used to be Christian Dior, but he converted.) You’ll be proud to walk five steps behind your husband in this ensemble that screams “Islamofashion!” By the way, Gamal is the winner of Saudi Arabia’s Next Top Model, and I think you can see why.

  • And finally, here’s something a little different – a coquettish outfit that showcases the girl inside the woman inside the stifling female-containment unit. It’s first-class clothing for second-class citizens! And it shows off your curves in all the right places – the top of your head, your shoulders, and absolutely nowhere else. When you hit the town in this, the only thing you’ll have to be ashamed of is the unclean vessel of Satanic temptation underneath. Perfect for a trip to the desert or the sea or a Djibouti call.

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