After complaining that every issue of Monocle is replete with copy errors that should never be found in a quality magazine and also complaining that I have better things to do than correct them, I thought I would limit my review of the October issue to nothing but the copy errors. Tkae thta Tlyer Brüle!

Page Error
Cover A bad place for a typo. The worst place, presumably. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO THE ATLANTIC’S HOTTEST HUB needs a vocative comma.
20c3 there’s also room to exploit, short haul, over-the-pole flight times (makes no sense even in ill-punctuated original)
25c2 “We can only smile at the Russian’s flag under the North Pole.” Whose – Putin’s? Kasparov’s?
28t Double quotes inside double quotes (no doubt caused by confused British editors confused by confusing Canadian/Cambridge style used in the book)
43b sartorial flare (no, flair; he doesn’t have a tail)
56tl 18 years-old; machine-gun equipped smugglers
57 muslims; text-book (n.)
69 STUDIO 24 not TWENTY-FOUR (gee, you don’t write 24 as TWENTY-FOUR on p. 150)
72 internet (your house style is wrong; similarly for website)
74l errant single quotes on ‘biomass’
81br €1,300 a square metre not €1300 a sq m (and just start writing 20% not 20 per cent)
100, 160 All these first-person exegeses use quotation marks incorrectly. You can’t put an opening quote before the first graf and a closing quote after the last one
106¶2 His response to Ground Zero, was
110c2 Parens in original in “OMG (Oh[,] My God) Urban Daze” and the other one?
124¶2 instead of (I really expect this to be gotten right)
153¶2 the factory machines – which [not “that”] Ghraoui guards like a military secret  – are
149 Wrong font in ä in närgil (Windows user run amok?)
154 subtropical (no hyphen)
§E Footnotes come after periods and commas
Increasingly tedious, indulgent, shark-jumping manga Strewn with half-assed mistakes as usual, including Shinobi is is losing its touch

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