Vicky Richardson, editrix of Blueprint, which I don’t read ([why] should I?), as interviewed on Wodcast. What about design writing on blogs?

Yeah, I think it really has a role, and I think the problem is that the role of the editor – I mean, I would say this, wouldn’t I? – but I do believe there is a role for the editor in whatever form, whether that’s an editor of a magazine or of a Web site or, you know, somebody there giving direction and weeding out the good stuff from the bad. Because blogging’s great, but sometimes it’s just downright boring – reading the mundane thoughts of somebody writing without thinking.

— Do you think at worst it’s irrelevant, or do you think it can damage design in any way? [Yes, he actually asked this question. Somebody started a blog and it damaged my design!]

— No, I don’t think it can damage design. I think it’s part of – it’s a big experiment at the moment. It’s very new. I think it’s great that people are taking part in this mass experiment in new media. And I wouldn’t say, you know, “don’t do it.” I just think that time will tell how useful it really is, and at the moment it’s kind of early days. And I think there are some design Web sites which are – they’re a waste of Web space, because all they’re doing is kind of regurgitating information without any valuable insight into it.

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