– Mark E. Smith

The new TTC Web site is supposed to début in “April.” That’s after two rounds of usability testing and an outside accessibility assessment that they probably sent to Ottawa for no objective reason.

Now, what about all the bidders on this contract? I’ve been telling you as much as I know. I had filed an information request to see the actual bid documents. This process takes forever, but I have been given a list of pre-cleared documents I can look at. I didn’t ask for copies of those documents, a needless expense. But this is not a free service. And I believe I am going to have to file an appeal to see certain blocked documents.

I do well more than enough unpaid work. So I’m gonna make you a value proposition: If you want me to pay TTC’s existing fees, schlep up there and paw through 1,511 pages, and file and stickhandle an appeal, then shove some money in my PayPal account. (Use the Micropatronage link.) 15 people putting in 15 bucks each would do it and give me a profit that, while marginal and incommensurate with my expended effort, would actually exist for once.

Look at it coldly, as I am: This is a cheap way for losing bidders to gain intel on their competitors. They’ll still be your competitors tomorrow, you know.

I have till 2008.05.09 to get this thing going. The option is yours.

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