I suppose I could look up photographs, but then you’d get all Creative Commons on my ass. And I mean designers, provably and eternally a more heterosexualist field than developers (where Plasticbag queers the average).

  • Mike Davidson: I say again, the straightest man in Web development
  • Jason Santa Maria, a densely packed, deceptively short powerhouse with giant paws and a macabre streak
  • Actual playboy Faruk
  • Matt Brett, whose 905 rock/goth streak is not enough to prevent him from loving his cat
  • Cameron Moll: Too nice to admit it; an ice-blond sculptural object hitched to a total bombshell

Honourable mention: Simon Collison, the acceptably artistic face of extreme heterosexualism. It’s the gentleness, the black hair and blue eyes, the relief at actually being addressed as Simon, the Icelandophilia.

You want the other list? It isn’t a list and it isn’t even a single name, it’s a single word. Hint: Also a ginger.

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None. I quit.

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